Concrete spray system used in tunnel

The concrete spray system is used for railway tunnel. It works very well and improve the work efficiency.

1. Hydrostatic running system, rigid chassis, wet mix braking system.

2. Four-wheel transmission, four-wheel steering, small turning radius, thus make a better operation

3. Open-type cab, widely views, driver’s seat with 180 º rotation design, thus make the operation flexible and can drive two-way.

4. Reasonable loading design makes the equipment with bigger anti-overturning moment.

5. Full hydraulic telescope and rotate robot arm make the machine with high carrying capability, steady movement, flexible operation, no construction dead zone.

6. Electric motor and diesel two-motor drive.

7. Convey cylinder with long stroke and big cylinder diameter can reduce the abrasion of resistant ring and plate and improve the stability of concrete spraying.

8. Hydraulic drive hopper vibrator, air cooler, cable reel, accelerator pump and water pump can proof electric leakage and pollution.

9. The ratio of accelerator and concrete is in fixed and can be monitored andadjusted by touch screen and remote control.

10. All operation can be controlled by wireless remote control thus reduce labor intensity and improve working efficiency.

11. Diesel engine can make the spray arms move slowly in case the concrete solidification makes the equipment crash when electric power is off.