Fine stone shotcrete pump

When the company designed the pump, combined with the practice on the construction site, it adopted the inequality of the material of the cylinder head cover and the pump head, and made the material of the cylinder head and valve cover (gray iron) inferior to the pump head (ball) according to the principle of avoiding lightness. Iron) material. When you can't avoid high pressure and you want to damage your parts, you have to choose the parts that have the least loss and the most easily replaced. So our company chose the cylinder head and valve cover for you.

Shotcrete construction technology is widely used in today's tunnel construction. At present, dry spray and tidal jet are commonly used in shotcrete construction in China. With the continuous development of spray gun construction technology in recent decades, a new type of shotcrete construction technology, wet shotcrete, is gradually being used in shotcrete construction operations.

The basic principle of wet sprayed concrete is to send the well-mixed concrete to a wet sprayer and mix the compressed air at the nozzle with the atomizing accelerator from the metering pump to the nozzle to form a material beam and spray it onto the sprayed surface. Advantages of wet spray technology for wet concrete spraying Machine and Wet Shotcrete Technology is a new technology. There are obvious differences between wet spray and tidal spray.

a. Low dust concentration during construction.
b. High productivity.
c. The equipment material wears less.
d. The proportion of wet sprayed concrete is easy to control.
e. Low rebound rate can effectively control costs.