High pressure reinforced shotcrete pump

After the concrete mixing station, the mixing material mixed with a certain ratio of water to cement and the aggregate ratio is added to the hopper. After passing through the screen into the material chamber of the rotor, with the rotation of the rotor to the discharge port, the compressed air introduced by the upper air path blows the material into the cyclone, and then the cyclone introduces another compressed air. The wind-spiral state blows and accelerates the material, rotates and floats it, enters the feeding pipe, and then adds a certain liquid quick-setting accelerator to eject it when it reaches the nozzle. 
Main structure: The wet sprayer is mainly composed of a drive device, a rotor assembly, a sealing system, a vibration hopper, an air path system, an injection system, an accelerating agent adding system, and the like. 
Drive device: It is composed of main motor, reducer and so on. The fully enclosed oil-immersed retarder is mounted on the bottom of the high pressure reinforced shotcrete pump machine. The three-stage gear rotates with a rotational efficiency of approximately 93%. 
Rotor assembly: It is composed of rotor body, material cavity, rotor liner and other components. This machine adopts a unique straight-through anti-sticking material rotor. Each round hole is lined with a material cavity made of non-bonding material, thereby improving the ability of the machine to handle wet material and reducing the workload of cleaning and maintenance. Rotor lining plate: There is a rotor lining plate on the upper and lower sides of the rotor body. The rotor lining plate has high hardness, wear resistance and service life of up to 4000 m3. 
Sealing system: It consists of upper and lower high pressure shotcrete pump rubber sealing plates and pressing mechanisms. Rubber seal plate: It is made of upper and lower two pieces made of special ingredients and are very wear-resistant. Its service life is 300-400 m3. Pressing mechanism: Screw pressing device. The machine adopts four-point compression to ensure that the pressure distribution across the rubber seal plate joint surface is reasonable. Improve the sealing effect and reduce the dust overflow. 
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