Qatar Deilver shotcrete machine

Gaodetec equipment delivery 4 GZ - 5 Qatar shotcrete machine and accessories. 

Qatar Deilver shotcrete machine

GZ - 5 medium-sized concrete shotcrete machine is a kind of jet mixing of dry processing.It is widely used in tunnel, mining operations, water and electricity engineering and slope protection project.Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, bahrain, united Arab emirates, Tunisia, Iraq and the Middle East countries gold card shotcrete machine major markets, many contactor using Gaodetec shotcrete machine overflow protection, swimming pools and other projects. 
Gaodetec dry concrete shotcrete machine jet tens of thousands of types of options. 

shotcrete machine Qatar Deilver

According to the different output or capacity, there are 3 m3 / h, 5 m3 / h, the choice of 9 m3 / h, can also be customized according to your requirement. 
Depending on the engine, electric motor, the choice of aircraft engine, diesel engine. 

Qatar shotcrete machine

Gaodetec equipment also has a wet shotcrete machine, spraying concrete pump, concrete jet and the selection of mechanical arm 
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