The application of shotcrete machine a methods

For Gaode shotcrete machine, it still was known by concrete spraying machine, guinte machine, gunning machine etc. Dedicated to joint filling, swimming pool, refractory materials, tunnel, mining operation, water and electricity, hillside support project.
shotcrete machine
Capacity/output: the from 3 m3 / h, 5 m3 / h, 7 m3 / h, capacity/output: from 3 m3 / h, 5 m3 / h, 7 m3 / h, 9 m3 / h option. 
Engine, electric motor, the choice of aircraft engine and diesel engine. 
GZ-5Ashotcrete machine/shotcrete machine/shotcrete machine used for mountain side support/production. 
concrete spraying machine