Shotcrete machine parts play a role in the process of shotcr

For a machine, performance is the most important, followed by accessories. Learn machine parts also in the understanding of the machine itself, only for spraying machine parts have a certain understanding, operation, and maintenance when shotcrete machine can be more confident, more targeted.
Rubber spray material chamber spraying machine parts is undoubtedly the most important. Rubber spray material chambers in a wide range of applications, not just in traditional coal mines and construction projects in the construction of culverts, subway construction, the construction of hydropower projects, etc. have a very important role, has a very wide range of applications. These spraying machine parts have very distinct characteristics.
Shotcrete machine parts play a role in the process of shotcrete machine maintenance
Since the rubber material spray chamber on a wide range of applications, the design also has very characteristics. Rubber spray material chamber is not just for spraying machines, and is used in various industrial furnace lining, refractory, and pressure application materials has very good fire resistance and pressure resistance, especially in the pressure resistance on a good performance, this performance also and spraying machines for use in a variety of complex conditions related.
The curing process shotcrete machine friction plate is a very important accessory the main component spraying machine grinding sand can be said is the heart of the spraying machine. Because cardboard grinding sand in time is relatively easy to wear, easy to grind the surface of a lot of grooves back leaving the whole surface is too rough, so that pressure can not be reduced to normal and can not work properly, not even spray. In this case, it must be replaced with lined steel, so the cost is relatively high, so now using more shotcrete machine friction plate instead, it is possible to obtain greater economic benefits, making the slow machine wear and promoting the machine's life expectancy.
Shotcrete machine parts play a role in the process of shotcrete machine maintenance
In addition to the two commonly used accessories, like the conical tube, and cyclone, etc. accessories in the conservation process shotcrete machine are also very important, rubber elbow and cyclone effect accessories for shotcrete machine are also very obvious, conservation spraying machines when the focus on the reality combine more closely combined with the actual situation, the conservation spraying machine to a higher level.