Advantages and disadvantages of dry shotcrete machine

In construction, there is often a wide range of shotcrete machine work, which has been widely used until the dry shotcrete machine is particularly prominent. With the development of science and technology progress and life, the dry shotcrete machine has been replaced gradually. Here we will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of dry shotcrete machine, so that when you select the device, can make better judgments.
Dry shotcrete machine advantages: transmission distance is relatively long, simple and durable equipment.
Dry shotcrete machine main use is the rotation of the rotor, in the role of compressed air, the mixing of concrete, delivered to the head, then head of addition of water, and the concrete ejected. Therefore, this shotcrete machine equipment, also has the advantage of simple and durable. Many of the construction unit or the company, the choice of shotcrete machine time, will also be considered starting from the advantages of such a device. Many construction unit used dry shotcrete machine, mainly because of its fancy advantage.
Dry shotcrete machine disadvantages: dusty, poor working environment.
Although dry shotcrete machine there is a big advantage, but can’t escape this flawed device, that is dusty, poor working environment. When using the device, due to the dry shotcrete machine spraying is no concrete mixing water, so the jet will have a significant dust, damage the work environment, and wet shotcrete machine but does not produce this phenomenon, but the function and dry shotcrete machine, like, and can be wet shotcrete, it will gradually replace the dry shotcrete machine.
These are the advantages and disadvantages of dry shotcrete machine, compared to a reference we will have the choice, choose to use for their own time, according to their actual needs to choose.
Gaodetec dry shotcrete machine, according to output and engine difference, there are nine types for option. If you for small jobs or work at compact worksite, such as joint filing, small swimming pool etc. could choose 3 m3/h dry shotcrete machine; if work for large section tunnel building, mine, slope protect etc. could choose 9m3/h dry shotcrete machine, if you don’t want so small or so big dry shotcrete machine, we also have one medium size 5m3/h dry shotcrete machine for option.
Regards the dry shotcrete machine engine, each output dry shotcrete machine there are electric motor, air motor and diesel engine for option. If worksite has electric source, could choose electric motor to drive the machine, and its cost is the lowest. If no electric supply, could choose air motor drive or diesel engine drive. It depends on your habit, such as one of our Malaysia customer love air motor drive dry shotcrete machine, all the machine which he bought were driven by air motor.
Any question or needs, please tell us without any hesitation. Because we could recommend suitable type and offer the best price according to your demands, of course, we have our own technical department, could customized for you. Contact us now for dry shotcrete machine.