Air motor driven shotcrete machine

In order to solve the power is not convenient, especially in some remote areas, no local power tunnel shotcrete work, innovation and development of air jet electric concrete. 
Pneumatic spray machines do not use compressed air power is directly but use coal mine, so it can solve all the problems. 
Relative to other series concrete spraying machine, pneumatic spray machine ready to reduce the complicated links and content of maintenance and repair equipment fault, save the working time, to extend the time of the actual painting work, improve work efficiency. 
Aircraft engine driven shotcrete machine structure and working principle: by the pneumatic spray machine installed in the plate and the drive shaft, gear motor driven sprocket and chain, rotor, stirred tank and other components.Motor control valve, the gear motor drive sprocket shaft rotation, and then through the chain drive rotor rotating stirring tank into a mixed good spray materials by mixing injection material blender mixing and spraying material at a constant rate cup rotor, blowing open the feed control valve slowly, spraying materials. 
dry mix air motor shotcrete machine