China small shotcrete machine for sale

Of course, experience comes from practice. We still have to think about trying to operate the machine and clean up the machine. Relieve the pressure in a timely manner under high pressure to avoid damage to the components caused by the pump during the work and bring you inconvenience in construction.

The environmentally-friendly improvement of the well-received sprayer is in the construction industry. The environmental improvement of shotcreting machines has been used extensively in the construction of constructions, mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground constructions and shotcrete construction operations in coal mines with high marshes. It can be said that the sprayer has reduced the labor force for the constructors of these occupations.

However, imagine that in the summer, the powder of the spraying machine will roll, which may cause serious pressure on the physical and mental health of the workers. Our factory continuously promotes fighter jets and wet spraying machines in the spraying machine. Our provide a strong backing for the backup work of the construction project. In the next decade, China will still be in the mid-stage of industrialization, and the heavy chemical industry will still dominate.

The ratio of high-tech industries will gradually increase. The medium-term path and policy choice for environmental protection should be: From 2010 to 2015, energy saving and emission reduction will be mainly achieved by advancing advanced production and management methods and technologies in the heavy chemical industry; 2015-2020, through the application of high-tech equipment, low Commercialization of carbon production methods and products reduces emissions. During this period, the government must devote itself to improving the “soft environment” of energy conservation and emission reduction, formulate supporting industrial technology policies, standards, and regulations, and accelerate the formation of its marketization arrangements.