Concrete spraying longevity shotcrete machine reasons

The many advantages of sprayed concrete project is a blatant and other treatment from the perspective of sustainable development. Different multiple longevity concrete spraying  machine and said the long involved in political or social principle is difficult to calculate and allowed to demonstrate, SONY longevity advantage directly sprayed concrete engineering actively against concrete shotcrete machine corporate industrial door at the same time, make the alignment of the main professional choice exploration seem too frequently, you not only, and save time don't grow well. 

The sustainability of sprayed concrete spraying equipment reasons: 
Template, the reward of 50 set 100% more than the official cast-in-place buildings; 
Template, do not need to rest the strain; 
Complex contour is smaller, providing his template; 
Crane and other light savings even kidney; 
Labor, the cause of the money at least 50% of the local recovery; 
, the newly installed saving every 33 to 50% of the game; 

Ben transforming savings even alleviate speed downtime; 
Better adhesive substrate, improve reliability; 
Adaptability, repair and other Settings of unprofitable;And do you have 
Ability in their own place, and provide the inaccessible properties, not only the crown, but buried.