Hot sale explosion proof shotcrete machine

Spray machine equipment used. It has a reasonable structure, humanized design, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and long service life. It is dust-free, low-noise, and low in rebound when working. The machine greatly reduces the concentration of dust near the sprayer and at the nozzle. This can improve the working environment of workers, thereby reducing pneumoconiosis caused by excessive dust. Our company is equipment has obtained three national patents. Architectural spray is a tidal spray concrete tool. 
hot sale proof shotcrete machine

Hot sale proof shotcrete machine is applicable to railway tunnels, highway tunnels, high-rise buildings and water diversion culverts. The machine structure is simple, easy to operate and maintain. Unique compression is device. The 10 material chambers in the rotor of the spraying machine are made of special rubber to form self-cleaning under the action of wind force to prevent material sticking. 
hot sale spray machine

Shotcrete Product Description: Widely used in construction, mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground engineering and shotcrete construction of mine tunnels in coal mines: various industrial furnaces, refractory lining refractories, or Remediation: During the construction of various slope protection and greening, the soil is transported and injected. The machine can be used for tidal jets as well as dry jets and individual fiber jets. 
hot sale explosion proof shotcrete machine

The grout pumped by the mud pump is mixed with sand and quick-setting agent sprayed by the spraying machine in the mixer. Then the mixture is sent to the spray gun by the delivery pipe for spraying. Spraying machine mainly consists of rotor type concrete spraying machine, cement slurry mixer, squeezed cement slurry pump, electrical control box, discharge elbow, gas system, mixing device, spray gun, and frame.