Shotcrete machine is fireproof heat insulation casting mater

Refractory shotcrete machine China is the use of compressed air conveying a certain ratio of refractory surface spraying at high speed and fireproof layer forms. 
shotcrete machine china
Due to its spraying shotcrete machines high construction speed, high efficiency, good quality and other significant advantages, spraying machine is widely used in industrial furnace refractory layer thermal spray repair operations.
refractory shotcrete machine
Refractory shotcrete machine has the following obvious advantages: 
1. The refractory concrete jet and the mixing, transportation, spray function.
2. Better insulation paste quality, construction speed, saving labor.
3. Spraying metallurgy industrial furnace, which are widely used in steel mills, etc.
4. The stereotype of shotcrete machine is refractory products, good quality, durable, rotating parts, plate, sealing plate, gun accessories inventory.