Mechanical shotcrete machine used in mine construction of th

Why Gaodetec mechanical shotcrete machine can be widely used in the tunnel construction? 
Because Gaodetec mechanical shotcrete machine has the following advantages: 
1.High efficiency, low energy consumption 
This robot shotcrete machine is equipped with a large capacity of hopper and the use of a strong and stable intelligent hydraulic system to control the mechanical blanking, at the same time in terms of concrete jet feed, cutting speed and continuity workers feed compared to a great improvement.In this case, the lower concrete jet idling, improve the efficiency of the concrete jet, 
After testing, the robot shotcrete machine feeding spraying efficiency increases by about 30% than the workers.Spray and save time, saving power, finally cost savings. 
2.Save your work and save material 
Save your work: the construction of tunnel engineering is currently one of the most serious environmental belongs to high-risk work environment.Gaodetec mechanical spray machine has unique mechanical automatic blanking equipment, only equipped with 2 ~ 3 people can easily operate machinery, and common concrete injection machine should be equipped with 6 ~ 10 workers work load to ensure normal sprayed concrete. 
In this case, reduce high-risk environment for workers, reduce the cost of the workers. 
Save material: hopper discharge outlet set door cutting speed, cutting speed can be adjusted according to the spray speed without any mixed and leakage of cylinder, avoid sprayed concrete material waste. 
3.To reduce pollution 
First, under the hopper discharge outlet hopper automatic blanking process pointed directly at the shotcrete machine cylinder blanking, no rise in the process of the mixing process, so that you can avoid a lot of mixed waste and dust pollution. 
4.The operation is simple, the operation area wide 
Gaodetec mechanical shotcrete machine consists of the following types: 
Gaodetec mechanical shotcrete machine
shotcrete machine is equipped
concrete spraying system
Mechanical shotcrete machine