New dry-mix shotcrete machine

High efficiency, low energy consumption

The equipment is equipped with a large-capacity silo (6m3). At the same time, the new dry shotcrete machine hydraulic system is used to control the mechanical blanking. The feeding speed and material continuity of the silo are significantly higher than the manual feeding efficiency. Dry shotcrete machine is in order to reduce the idling rate of the sprayer and improve the efficiency of the sprayer. After testing, the efficiency of this product is increased by about 30% compared with the manual spraying. Due to the increase of spray efficiency, the same amount of time required to spray the slurry is reduced as compared to the same period of time, which can reduce 25%-35% of the power consumption of the auxiliary equipment in the spraying machine and the construction work surface.

Provincial workers, provincial materials

Provincial workers: Construction of tunnels is one of the worst environments in the existing project construction and belongs to high-risk environmental operations. This product uses a mechanical silo to automatically feed, only equipped with 2-3 skilled workers can flexibly operate the equipment to complete the spraying operation, instead of artificial cutting under the circumstances need to be equipped with 6-10 workers to complete the workload, thus saving a lot The human cost reduces the number of high-risk environmental operators and reduces safety risks. Provincial material: hopper discharge port is equipped with a material speed adjustment gate, which can adjust the unloading speed according to the spraying speed, rather than causing the mixing material to be spilled to the outside of the spraying machine to cause waste.

Since no manual shovel shoveling is used, skipping of mixing material and waste of dust are effectively avoided. At the same time, the new dry shotcrete machine working environment is improved and work intensity is reduced. Reduce pollution the automatic feeding process of the hopper is that the hopper discharge port is directly aligned with the feeding tank under the spraying machine, and the mixing material has no artificial lifting process, thereby avoiding the waste of a large amount of mixing material and the dust pollution generated during the lifting process. This product has changed the gas return structure of the original spraying machine and completely eliminated dust from return gas.

Simple operation, flexible transition

This product adopts automatic system control. The operation switch button is integrated on a panel. High pressure shotcrete rubber hose is easy to understand and can be skillfully operated after basic training. This product adopts self-powered wheel-type walking, with a high speed of 5 kilometers per hour and a low speed of 2.5 kilometers per hour. The steering is flexible. It is easy to advance and retreat on the work surface and changes the troubles and time-consuming of using a forklift in the past. The chassis equipped with this machine adopts popular accessories and is easy to repair