GZ-3ER Refractory Shotcrete Spray Gunite Machine For Sale

GZ-3ER refractory machine is designed for spraying refractories, mortar, such as coating material.

Refractory Shotcrete Spray Gunite Machine

GZ - 3 e - R shotcrete machine variable frequency drives, can adjust or output flow, pressure, and so can be used in grouting concrete repair, building a swimming pool, soil conservation, retaining wall, shotcrete in the tunnel lining, in the park, to establish artificial rock caves and spray a small amount of refractory materials in many projects. 
GZ-3ERrefractory coating machine all the major refractory manufacturers recommend. 

Refractory Spray Gunite Machine

According to the customer's requirements, we design the GZ - 3 a - R refractory concrete jet and the selection of the compressed air engine. 
GZ-3ER series refractory concrete spraying shotcrete machine, more economic, versatile, simple, and safe shotcrete machine building! 

Refractory Shotcrete Spray Gunite Machine For Sale