GZ-3ER Refractory Shotcrete Machine

GZ-3ER is a reliable and powerful solution requires refractory installation and application of sprayed concrete.Picture1. The unit is easy to maintenance and operation, the product life is long.

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Refractory Shotcrete Machine has a simple four points clamping system, prevent the fire-proof material leakage.Advanced practical technologies, unit weight, water precision adjustable spray system with low dust and evenly spray flow. Picture2. 

Refractory Shotcrete Machine

GZ-3ER convey 3 cubic meters per hour, and its output is accurate by frequency conversion motor adjustable1-3m3 / h.It can handle the total to10mm diameter and pump materials more than 200 levels. 

concrete Refractory Shotcrete Machine

Power options of unit can be compressed air engine in addition to the electric motor.