Shotcrete equipment sales in the United States

GEC series shotcrete equipment has developed a full range of dry mix shotcrete equipment and wet shotcrete mixing equipment, the output of 1.5 m3 / h 9 m3 / h, motor, diesel engine, air motor customize options available. 

Shotcrete equipment

The application of GEC series shotcrete machine: 
1).Concrete repair; 
2).Swimming pool, swimming pool; 
3).The slope stability and excavating support; 
4).Mining, tunnel; 
5).The application of refractory materials. 
Recently, we received a customer orders from the United States, because of shotcrete equipment is used for mining project, we suggest GSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine and air mixed car customers.On the one hand, air motor drive explosion-proof mining projects;Wet mix shotcrete machine, on the other hand, low rebound, dust and high strength is lower than the dry mix shotcrete machine. 

Shotcrete equipment sales