The application of the shotcrete machine

Shotcrete machine used in architecture and landscape.
shotcrete machine
Sprayed concrete has become an increasingly popular choice for building applications.From the complex structures and the zoo, sprayed concrete meet the construction needs of architects, designers and contractors.Shotcrete construction usually can do faster and more economical than other traditional construction technology. 
The use of tanks and dome Shotcrete machine.
shotcrete machines application
Tens of thousands of spray pond has been built since the process in the early 1930 s.The waterproof, durable, economic tank size range from 50000 to 20 million gallons of water, can be used to store liquid including waste water, industrial waste water and chilled water. 
In addition, since their creation in the early 1950 s, thousands of sprayed concrete dome structure is built, from small shelter giant ship span of 200 feet. 
The structure is solid, attractive and cost-effective, suitable for a variety of purposes, including family, food storage, churches, and halls.