Shotcrete machine is the best price

Gaodetec as China's largest shotcrete machine production and suppliers, result in shotcrete has formed different series, divided into the wet shotcrete , dry shotcrete machine and coating machine according to the different technological process and coating materials. 
dry mix shotcrete machine
Although the continuous technical innovation and product upgrading, lead to concrete injection machine is widely used in mining, tunnel, culvert, subway, water and electricity engineering, underground excavation engineering, lining of kiln, boiler, furnace, etc.Because of its high quality, high efficiency and competiitve price, leading to shotcrete better feedback from customers.
wet mix shotcrete machine
On the output of the shotcrete machines , leading to 1.5 m3 / h 9 m3 / h for the customer to choose.At the same time, the lead can be subjected to different type of drive, motor, diesel engine and air motor according to the needs of customers.