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Wet sprayers are suitable for relatively harsh field conditions with minimal maintenance. As it with all rotor squirrels, however, they must be regularly maintained. The seal plate and the rotor lining plate are the key parts of this equipment. Be sure to pay great attention to their maintenance to increase their service life. 

explosion-proof shotcrete machine

Before explosion-proof shotcrete machine each class begins to sneeze, check the pressure applied to the rubber seal plate and the rotor lining plate. Because the pressing force is too small, compressed air will overflow from the junction of the two plates. The fine particles carried by it will enter between the two plates, exacerbating the wear of the rubber plate and the rotor lining. If the pressing force is too large, the seal plate will be excessively worn due to frictional overheating. The heat-resistance limit of the sealing plate is 110??C, and it is normal that it does not exceed 80??C in general. 

new explosion-proof shotcrete machine

After each shift is completed, the machine must be cleaned. In particular, clean the surfaces of the sealing plate and the rotor lining. At the same time check the new shotcrete machine manufactory wear of the sealing plate and the rotor lining. If the seal plate has been worn to the extent that the steel insert is flush with the rubber surface, the seal plate must be replaced with a new one. Because at this time, the rotor lining plate will directly contact the steel ribs. So the sealing plates cannot be sufficiently tightened to obtain an effective seal. There by losing the airtightness. The rotor lining must be checked once a week. If a deep scratch (depth of more than 1mm) occurs, it must be replaced. The edge of the circular hole of the lining plate should be inspected frequently. Explosion-proof shotcrete machine manufactory must maintain a sharp edge. 

new shotcrete machine manufactory

If the edges are chamfered, fine particles will penetrate the bonding surface and increase wear. If a new seal plate is replaced, the old lining holes have beveled edges. The service life of the new sealing plate will be significantly shortened. If the rotor liner is repaired in time to remove worn parts, it can save a lot of trouble and save money.
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