Shotcrete machine how close correctly

After a day of action, shotcrete machine will enter a state of "rest".Although the end operation is necessary, but we still can't relax, we must give today's work to draw a satisfactory full stop. 
shotcrete machine
So how do you stop it right? 
1.Blow out the stops, the delivery of the rest of the materials. 
2.When the pipe is clean, no matter the nozzle spray, water valve, then close the nozzle. 
3.The main pipe valve is closed. 
4.A short interruption aircraft operation can retain the hopper mixing. 
5.Pause for a long period of time or the end of the spray operations, the first stop feeding, such shotcrete machines continue to run until the hopper and remain in the rotor, until finally, when adding a little wet sand and rotor material of cleaning spray.