Shotcrete used for spraying refractory materials

Refractory shotcrete spraying machine is mainly used for spraying refractory materials, cashable etc. in steel factory. In order to achieve best spraying effect, Gaodetec have designed the especially refractory gunning machine used for refractory materials on the basis of dry mix shotcrete machine.
Compared with conventional dry spray machine, add ABB frequency converter, high pressure water pump, new type pre-dampening nozzle in the spraying refractory materials machine. ABB frequency converter could achieve variable output from 0m3/h to 3m3/h, effectively prevent the blockage when machine begin work.
Adopting new type pre-dampening nozzle reduces greatly rebound and waste of materials. Above all, refractory spraying machine will be best choice for spraying refractory materials in steel project. 
Shotcrete used for spraying