Wet shotcrete machine suppliers

Compared with dry shotcrete machine, wet shotcrete machine add water in mixer.
First, operator need mix sand, cement, stone with water in the mixer, and then pure the wet concrete into shotcrete machine hopper. Second, wet shotcrete machine need work together with accelerator dosing pump, which is mainly used for pumping accelerator.
For our wet shotcrete machine, accelerator dosing pump is integrated in wet shotcrete machine.

wet shotcrete machine
As shotcrete machine suppliers, GAODE Equipment could provide wet mix shotcrete machine for customers’ option. For wet mix shotcrete machine, it is thin flow type shotcrete machine, while should be thick flow type shotcrete machine. Because sand, cement, stone has mixing even with water before pouring the hopper, greatly reduced the operator's operating skills. In contrast, for dry shotcrete machine, operator need control the adding water amount, spraying effect depend on the operator's operating skills.
shotcrete mahcine dosing pump

Why some wet shotcrete machine suppliers provided wet shotcrete machine could not achieve good spraying effect?
The answer to question is what they provided is not real wet shotcrete machine; it is dry mix shotcrete machine. There is much bigger difference between dry mix shotcrete machine and wet mix shotcrete machine. Wet mix shotcrete machine need exhaust in the spraying, while dry shotcrete machine don’t need any exhaust in the spraying.
shotcrete mahcines
Although the dry shotcrete machine and wet shotcrete machine applications are basically the same, wet mix shotcrete machine mainly is used for semi-closed place, such as mining, tunnel, hydraulic engineering, and etc. important engineering. Usually, dry shotcrete machine is used for slope-protection, swimming pool, bridge repair etc.

Compared with dry mix shotcrete machine, wet shotcrete machine has lower rebound, lower dust, and higher concrete spraying strength.

Much wet shotcrete machine working video information, please check the below link:http://www.shotcretemachinechina.com/products/