• High pressure reinforced shotcrete pump

    After the concrete mixing station, the mixing material mixed with a certain ratio of water to cement and the aggregate ratio is added to the hopper. After passing through the screen into the material chamber of the rotor, with the rotation of the rotor to the discharge port, the compressed air introduced by the upper air path blows the material into the cyclone, and then the cyclone introduces another compressed air.

  • Shotcrete Gunite Machine Used for Slope Project in Indonesia

    GZ-5 shotcrete gunite machine with electric motor used for slope support or slope protectin Indonesia.

  • Shotcrete machine used for slope project in Malaysia

    We have an agent in Malaysia who used our shotcrete machines for slope project formore than 15years. With the shotcrete machine, their business expanded and contract more projects.

  • Shotcrete machine used in slope project in Indonesia

    Shotcrete machine used for slope project in Malaysia,Shotcrete machine Malaysia,Shotcrete machine for slope project Sprayed concrete services can provide a comprehensive plan to adapt to all kinds of slope stability.These can range from a simple steel cover prevent the slope surface of weathering and erosion, complete solution of anchor and soil nailing structure.

  • Sprayed concrete shotcrete in the tunnel jet system

    Gaodetec sprayer system with large output is mainly used in shotcrete in the tunnel construction, large fracture need efficient sprayed concrete surface spraying such projects. Sprayed Shotcrete systems work in site.

  • The application of shotcrete machine a methods

    For Gaode shotcrete machine, it still was known by concrete spraying machine, guinte machine, gunning machine etc. Dedicated to joint filling, swimming pool, refractory materials, tunnel, mining operation, water and electricity, hillside support project.

  • The application of shotcrete machine

    According to the different process, shotcrete machine is divided into dry mix shotcrete machine and wet mix shotcrete machine. It is widely used for mining, tunnel, culvert, subway, hydropower engineering, underground excavation engineering etc.

  • The application of the Concrete spraying machine

    Concrete injection machine is widely applied in engineering construction, mining, tunnel, culvert, subway, water and electricity engineering, underground engineering and high bog coal mine tunnel shotcrete construction operation, construction of the concrete jet, can also be used for various types of industrial furnace lining refractory coating formation or repair.